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Affidavit of undertaking


Name of Employer:

Name of Bangladesh Recruitment Agency: M/S. Greenland Overseas, License No. RL-040



We (Company Name) the company hereby undertake:



  1. That all Bangladeshi worker employed in our country will be paid salary and provided all the benefits and privileges exactly as stated in their employment contract.
  2. That all the Bangladeshi workers employed by our company will not be deployed as domestic workers / household service workers or will not be working on household works.
  3. That the employment visa that was used for the approval of the job order / manpower request will not be converted or reprocessed as a DOMESTIC WORKER / SERVANT VISA after the worker arrives the UAE.
  4. That all Bangladeshi workers arrive to the UAE on visit visa and (Company Name) shall be responsible for their accommodation, food and daily needs.
  5. That (Company Name) shall ensure all workers Visas are applied / converted to (Name of the Company) as per UAE Rules and regulations.
  6. That we fully understand the provisions of the Affidavit of understanding.




Operations Manager



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