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The Secretary

Ministry of Expatriates” Welfare &Overseas Employment 71-72, Eskaton Garden

Probashi kallyan bhaban Dhaka-1000

 Guarantee letter



We have issued the demand of Bangladeshi workers a demand letter as dated on 28 Mar 2021 placed with it to GREENLAND OVERSEAS, LIC.NO. RL- 040, Address: GREENLAND OVERSEAS LIC

NO: RL -040, DHAKA, BANGLADESH with an aim to recruit personnel for our company.

We assure that our selection committee will travel to Bangladesh to perform the selection of appropriate candidates and convert their visit visa to employment visa under the sponsorship of (Company Name) …, UAE.

We also assure that we will take all responsibilities after arriving workers in UAE including repatriation if and when necessary, even for alive / dead.





Yours faithfully,






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